Previous Posts

Previous posts.

I've bashed out a load of these now, although not in a particularly regular or organised way.  However, the format of the blog means that older stuff gets buried, like a manky banana at the bottom of your climbing back.  So lets not let that banana rot into an adhesive slime; lets unpack that climbing bag and find out where the fuck your favourite quickdraw went.

Here are five of my favourites and the reason you might like to read them.

Hands down the most popular blog to date.  Why? people like to read about the misfortunes of others, it makes them feel all real inside.

This one got shared a bit by people who were on the same trip.  If you want to understand climbing and risk taking then have a look at this.  Its the closest I get to a genuine insight, in list form.

Grim predictions for a dystopian future.  Note, that this was written pre-Brexit.  If you instead want to know how Brexit or the 2017 election affected my climbing then Breaking News or Brexit Examined.  Don't expect accuracy, impartiality or saint. I'm not the BBC.

Not as bad as it sounds.  Actually, this post delivers sensible and sensitive information about parenthood that Social Services have so far failed to condemn.

Get your tissues out, the saddest thing you'll ever read with swearing in.  I bloody loved that dog.  At Christmas too.